Personal Trainer

Joel Santiago

Joel Santiago
Empowering people to become motivated by developing positive attitudes and behaviour towards your journey in health and fitness.

Joel Santiago is an elite personal trainer. He works with busy Sydney professionals to improve their health and fitness and get them looking and performing at their best. He cuts through the industry fluff to maximise his clients’ time in the gym, integrating proven, no-nonsense programming and nutrition solutions into their busy schedule and active lifestyle.

He inspires, trains, educates and empowers all his clients in all facets of health, nutrition and training. He truly has his clients’ best interests at heart and will do whatever it takes to help them on their journey.

He stands strong by his values and is proud to stand tall in the personal training industry where quality and performance is somewhat suspect. He prides himself on his unique mix of experience, sincerity, commitment to quality and ability to build and maintain real connections with his clients.

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